Vendor/Seller Terms of Service

When you sign up as a Vendor you agree to our Privacy PolicyCustomer Terms of Service and this Vendo/Sellerr Terms of Service.

G-Rated Site

This is a rated G site, which means that all offensive and/or obscene comments, products and services are prohibited. We reserve the right to delete all comments, products and services that we deem to be offensive or obscene.

Vendor: Independent Business Owner

Vendors are Independent Business Owners and are responsible for maintaining their own store(s), products and services. Each Vendor is responsible for paying their own fees and taxes as required by law.


You are responsible for collecting and paying taxes as required by law. You can include taxes in the prices of products and services offered.

Vendor Store Policy

We offer a thirty(30) day money back guarantee on non-perishable items and non-downloadable items.

You are responsible for setting your store taxes, shipping, return, cancellation, exchange and refund policy.

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Swaps or Exchanges for Non-Currency Transactions

This website is COD enabled. Please use the COD options for transactions that are non-currency, swaps or exchanges.

Regular Commissions

Commission Fee is 5% of sales all products and services ordered and through our website., which means that you keep 95% of your sales. These fees help cover administrative costs and assist in the maintenance of this website.

Exceptions are for COD purchases that do not require cash payments. Those will be arranged by parties involved.

You are responsible for paying shipping and taxes on products and services offered as required by law in your state or country.


We reserve the right to add modification to this Terms of Service with or without notification.

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